Brighterion offers the world's deepest and broadest portfolio of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies which provides real-time intelligence that matters from all data sources, regardless of type, complexity and volume.

Our technologies are successfully applied in cyber/homeland security, real-time cross-channel fraud prevention, credit risk and chargeback prevention, device ID, AML, data breach detection, marketing, and healthcare.

Rather than being programmed to anticipate every possible scenario or relying on predefined rules and structured queries, Brighterion's revolutionary Smart Agent technology performs 1-to-1 profiling of every entity in the system of interest. Over time, these virtual Agents adaptively learn the behavior of every entity and update this behavior in real-time. As a result, Brighterion’s solutions are the only technology available that can identify and stop previously unknown fraud schemes and data breaches and provide insights into individual behavior for precise, targeted marketing and analytics.

Brighterion has won enterprise-wide acclaim for its technological leadership. We received several awards including the Fraud Innovation World Series Award, the Payment Security Product Excellence Award and the Best Analytical Solution Award.

Our products are used and trusted by the largest institutions and governments around the world.

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We offer the following products:
iPrevent: Real-time Cross-channel Fraud Prevention

iDetect: Real-time Data Breach Detection Solution
iPredict: Credit Risk and Chargeback Prevention
iComply: KYC and Anti-Money Laundering Solution
iMonitor: Adaptive Learning and Monitoring
iSecure: Real-Time, Behavioral Device ID Solution
iSupervise: Web-based Case Management Solution
iLearn: Deep Learning
iProtect: Cyber/Homeland Security Intelligence

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